Job 33:6 Truly I am as your spokesman before God; I also have been formed out of clay…

So, it’s been a few days and I’m finally back to writing another blog post.  I’ve been busy the last couple of days reading the bible and listening to trainings and all out renewing my mind.  I am being blown away at the goodness of God.  The amazingness of God.  And truly, the awesome Power of God.  And the best part is, for those who believe, He has given us the same power.  We are God’s representatives.  I think the best thing I heard this week was that when we are born again, we are instantly made into perfect spiritual beings.  There is nothing that needs to be added to us in order for us to be made perfect and righteous.  The speaker actually referred to us being sculpted by God.  Which is so eloquently referred to in the title verse, Job 33:6.  We are simply things to be molded by God into perfect works of art.  And the speaker talked about Michelangelo and the statue of David.  When he had created David, he was asked, “How do you know what to cut away?”  And Michelangelo replied, “I just removed everything that didn’t look like David”.

Amazing.  When we choose to walk with Jesus and become born again, we are instantly made into perfect works of art and through the process of walking with God, He chisels away and removes everything that doesn’t look like Jesus.  Our anger, our guilt, our shame, our rebellion, any sin in fact, even every wrong thinking or belief.  If we truly allow our old sinful, worldly selves to die and let ourselves be reborn into what God intended for us in the beginning we can see the glory of God manifest in our lives.  Not to mention the fact that all goodness happens when we allow the Spirit of Christ to rule and reign in our mortal bodies.  Healings and miracles take place.  Praise His Holy Name!!!

I do have some amazing news that I can’t wait to share, but you will have to wait to hear the full story as I experienced it, but, I did want to share some fun stuff that God’s been doing for us to keep us remembering His promise and staying confident and faithful throughout.  One day, when Caleb and I were at the kids ministry together, the teacher (I was the helper that day) decided to do a lesson on Moses and she brought in these adorable little wooden people and mini blankets and mini baskets in order to actually make baby Moses’ so we could play with them with the kids while she taught the class.  Somehow we ended up with 2 babies that day, not by asking, but she just felt we needed two.  Thanks Lord for reminding me of the twins visions yet again!!!  Here’s a picture of Caleb holding them and another of them in their basket.

Caleb with twin moses twins

And then, just recently, about two or three weeks ago now, our shrimp in the fish tank had babies.  There are the tiniest, cutest little shrimp swimming around in our tank.  And, not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Jason had purchased a second fish tank several months ago, and in that tank he just has a few shrimp and some assassin snails.  Well, the snails apparently had babies too because there are the cutest little assassin snails slowly moving through that tank.  So, we are LIVING IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF BABIES OVER HERE.  I am positive that it won’t be long before I am peeing on a stick to a positive result!!!

Here is a photo of the baby shrimp.  It’s not the greatest quality photo, but hey, it’s a tiny shrimp through glass on a blackberry, it’s the best I could do.  If you look hard in the centre of the picture, just to the left on the shrub, you will see a little red shrimp.  And you can’t see it, take my word for it, they are in there!!!   And, I just realized, if you are that curious, you can click on the picture and get a bigger view.


So, I wanted to share these fun tidbits because Caleb just started playing with the baby Moses’ daily this week and it was a great reminder, yet again, of what God will do in our lives, VERY SOON.  I will get back to the rest of the story in the next post, which I won’t wait so long to post.  Thanks again for all your prayers.  Hearing from all of you who are reading this and letting me know you are praying is so encouraging.  So, thank you.

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