Noah 9:13 I set my rainbow in the cloud…

Just after Thanksgiving, we were at the mall, still in Cali, and I saw this gorgeous blue sweatshirt.  I loved the blue.  And it had a fuzzy lining.  Awesome.  I ended up buying the one without the fuzzy lining because it was cheaper and just picked a medium off the rack as that is normally the size I would wear.  The moment we got in the car Jason said I should have gotten the fuzzy one.  We were going back to Canada after all and it was going to be winter soon.  And really, it was only $10 more, what was the big deal.  Dad, you’d be so proud I had originally chosen the cheaper one!!!

Well, I finally agreed with Jason and chose not to wear the one I bought and said I was going to take it back and exchange it.

So on the morning of December 1st, I was sleeping in as Jason so graciously took Caleb for breakfast. Jason came back after breakfast and brought Caleb in to lie with me as he was so tired and ready for a nap. As Caleb was falling asleep I was at first thinking how great it was that I could sleep some more, but God had other plans. I began thinking of the day before. The three of us had gone to return the sweater I had bought.  When I tried on the medium at home, it turns out I really wanted a large so it was extra comfy.  When we got there the blue one, with the fuzzy lining, wasn’t available in large. I could have changed styles and still got the blue one, but Jason insisted I get the fuzzy one.  And I did really want that one more.  Sorry Dad.  So after I hummed and hawed for a minute , I finally decided that the fuzzy sweater it was and grabbed the only other two colours I would have liked, red and green.  I held them both up for Caleb and asked him which sweater I should buy.  He immediately pointed to the green one.  Here’s a picture of me in it – although, most of you have probably seen me wearing it by now as it’s still a go to sweater for me.  I told you I almost never take off things I love.  Thankfully it’s still cold and I’m not looking like a complete fool walking around in 30 degree weather wearing a fuzzy lined sweatshirt.

updated photo

So back to the morning I was lying in bed with Caleb.  I was actually feeling sad and disappointed I hadn’t chosen the blue one without the fuzzy because I really liked that blue.  I’m all in this pity me mode when God speaks into my spirit “I chose the green one.”  I sat right up.  What???!!!??  Why would you do that?  (Yes, I did use a tone with Him – I was kinda ticked – you’re not the only one Mom.)  God tells me that the green one has meaning.  What?!?!  What could a colour actually mean?  So, instead of ask Him, I googled it.  I searched for colour meanings in Christianity and find that green means, get this, LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING. Wow, God, You arrange everything to show me Your goodness and to prove to me that I am ALREADY HEALED.

And not only that, but He begins to reveal to me how important colours really are.  Genesis 9:13 says

I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

That when He made a covenant with Noah and used the rainbow as the sign of the covenant it was because each colour had meaning. It is His promise to us of all things He wants to be for us and do for us and by having me wear green, it is a reflection of what He has done in my life. Healed me!!!  Brought LIFE!!!  And I will be honest with You, and God knows this well, when I buy a new piece of clothing that I love, I wear it so often it is almost as if I don’t own anything else. So, God chose me to wear the green one so I remember and reflect back to Him the HEALTH and LIFE He has given me. For all you science minded geeks out there, here is a quick summary that my brother wrote to me to help me understand how colour works to our human eyes.  Those of you who know my brother will LOVE the last line.

Each colour of light has a different frequency which corresponds to a different energy level. The specific molecular structure of any given object determines what happens when they are hit by light energy.

 In some cases the electrons will reflect light back at the exact same energy level (e.g. a mirror), in some cases the light isn’t absorbed at all (i.e. transparent objects like glass), and in some cases the light energy is absorbed. When the light energy is absorbed, some of the energy is emitted back out. The energy level that is emitted depends on the atoms (i.e. some objects will emit green light and some will emit red, etc.) 

Of course, many objects actually have a combination of reflection, transmission, and absorption, so it is a somewhat complex answer. But basically, an objects colour comes from light energy being absorbed and then a specific amount of energy is emitted back out — which is the colour you see.

I could give you a more detailed explanation of what determines the specific colour of an object, but it involves atomic structures, electron shells, etc.

Thanks Jeff.  Very enlightening.  And, no, the basic answer is good enough cause the other will probably put my brain into melting mode. Thanks.  lol

So, in order to reflect back to God the colour of LIFE and HEALTH, I must have absorbed it first.  Talk about a faith booster!!!  Praise His name.  He really is always there to help us.  Not just with the healing, but with the increase of faith.  I am awed at how much He loves me.  How involved He is in every detail of my life.  A little self-centred at this point, I will admit, but heck…. you will all forgive me right?  🙂

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