John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Warning, I posted two posts in on day so make sure you don’t miss the first one if you are reading this one.

So, after having a full deliverance experience at the chiropractors I asked God, why there?  Why did He allow me to have that experience there?  He told me that it was because I would not have believed it anywhere else.  In a church setting, at least all of the progressive, charismatic or pentecostal churches, you hear much talk of deliverance and healing, but I have always doubted.  I always sat skeptical at the back of the church and said, I’d like proof that person was healed of such and such.  And so, if I had have been told by a “church going believer” that the spirit of infirmity left me and I was healed I would have thought, well that’s just the exactly right thing to tell me……. but is it really true?  Christianese I like to call it.  At many church services people talk the talk about healing and deliverance but no one is walking it out.  No one walks the walk.  So, let’s face it.  I had doubt.  I had unbelief.  And I wanted proof.

God is so amazing to every one of is His children.  I GOT MY PROOF NOW…. lol  At this point in the story, I was still thinking it was about asking God for my healing.  And then I began to have brand new revelation.  Thanks to my friend Melanie and her mom.  My friend Mel and I get together once a week and talk Jesus and Bible.  It is questions back and forth trying to determine biblical truth for how we are to live and walk as Christians.  And then her mom, who is also a strong woman of faith, sends us this MP3 series of Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician Training.  He took over for John G. Lake.  CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Literally, it gave me life.  I began to understand that Jesus died on the cross for our salvation, but He was whipped and beaten before hand for our health.  Earlier in my blog I quoted a scripture in Isaiah, 53:5 to be exact:

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

Well, now I understand…. wait, let me be clear.  I believe and have faith in.  I don’t get it at all.  How Jesus could be beaten and then hung on a cross and because of that I get to walk in complete health and eternal life…. I don’t logically get it at all.  But it’s not logical.  It’s spiritual – and way above me.  Like, HEAVENLY.  But I do now know that what Jesus went through was not an accident.  It was all planned so that every single believer that has ever walked, is walking now, or will ever walk on this planet earth gets to live life abundantly.  JOhn 10:10 says:

10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

What Jesus meant by that is that once we choose in faith that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, we get to live life without sickness, pain, or any of that other stuff that Satan has been trying to steal, kill and destroy people with for centuries.  And those who believe in Jesus then are reborn with His spirit inside and so we have the same authority as Jesus had when He walked on earth healing and delivering people.  And thus, all we have to do is command sickness and disease and unclean spirits to go and they must obey.  It’s a matter of renewing our minds in order to walk in truth.  Seriously we are living in the Matrix.  There is no spoon.  For those who believe in Jesus, there is no sickness.  Has anyone seen the movie The Matrix.  If not, it’s a must see if you want to really understand Jesus.  Free Your Mind!!!  Or in other words, Renew your mind!!!!

So, I began to realize that my healing was already taken care of and I had been healed.  I declared it and commanded it over myself.  At one point, I was still trying to figure out how I can do what the women with the issue of blood did.  How can I reach out and grab the hem of Jesus and be healed?  And the very next mp3 I listen to, was Curry Blake saying, don’t associate with the woman with the issue of blood, associate yourself with Jesus.  You are Jesus in that scenario.  Like, duh!!! If Jesus already was beat and died for my healing, and I had Him in me, which was so clear in my vision at the chiropractor, I was Jesus in that scenario.  And so, I could reach out and touch my own hem and be healed.  Jesus had already given us that authority when He gave us the Holy Spirit as helper to reside within us.

And so I was believing I had been healed of the cancer, but what about this pesky polyp that I could still feel inside me.  When was that going to go?  How was it going to go?  Should I have surgery?  I talked to a girlfriend of mind, Patricia, and she said, you’ve been healed, Dare the doctors to test you again.  Well, the very next Curry Blake session talked about tumours and how some amazing testimony of a man who just reached out and ripped a tumour right off the face of a guy and he was instantly healed and I thought, why can’t I do that.  So, next morning, in the shower, I reach up and grab what I can get my fingers around and I pull.  And out comes a chunk.  Not all of it mind you.  I could still feel the polyp coming out of my cervix, but I was now holding a nasty chunk of tissue and blood in my hands. (sorry for the gross visual, but it makes the story don’t you think…?)  Anyway, I put it in a ziploc baggy and think about what Patricia had said.  Get it tested again.  So, off to the gynecologists I go with this gross baggy and asked them to test it again.  It will take a week to ten days.  This was January 14th.  And I will be honest, I had a few thoughts of “What if it comes back with cancer?”

January 19th I sent an email prayer request to the prayer ministry at and asked for prayer.  Someone immediately emailed back with a prayer and said they would be happy to call and pray for me in person if I wanted.

January 20th I can’t feel the polyp anymore in the shower.  Now, my period had started and in the past the polyp had shrunk during my period as my cervix dropped lower so I wasn’t sure if it was gone or just hiding because I had torn a large piece off.  (again, sorry for the graphic description but this is the key to my knowing I was healed)

January 22nd I go to my doctors appointment to discuss treatment plans.  This is the new doctor that they found who agreed to take on my case.  The assistant doctor comes in and starts describing the treatment they suggest.  They want to clamp off the blood supply to my uterus and then go in laproscopicly and remove the polyp.  I asked about the clamps being removed, but they said no.  They leave them and that can cause some risks for future fertility as the uterus has much lower blood supply.  I said, what if there was never any cancer there?  What if it was a mistake?  There were two tests done after all, the first was negative, the second positive.  He then clarified that there were more than two tests done on that first piece of tissue.  The first came back negative, the second and third subsequent tests came back positive for the same cancer.  He said that he had no doubt I had cancer and did not recommend leaving it or it would grow or spread.

At that point, I asked him if he would check it as I couldn’t feel it anymore and thought it was gone.  He said sure, let’s do an internal.  So, I lie on the table and open up and he looks inside me.  He can’t see it.  He, oh so joyfully, spread my cervix a bit to check further up and said “No, I can’t see it.”  He then asked if he can do an internal ultrasound.  Put water inside my uterus while also sticking the ultrasound rod inside me to see what he can see.  Okay, let’s do this!!!!  And after ten minutes of him searching he concluded THERE IS NOTHING THERE.  He suggested having a hysertoscopy which is a procedure where they put a camera up my cervix to see what they can find and see if it is in fact all gone.  I then asked about the biopsy…. “What if it has no cancer, do I still need this procedure?”  He said “No, if that comes back no cancer, then you’re safe.”  And yet, he was still in shock at this point.  He said several times “I don’t know where it could have gone.”  Where does a 6 inch polyp/tumour just disappear to????  Only Jesus knows!!!  And I told the doctor as much.  That Jesus had healed me of cancer and he was astonished.

And then today, January 23rd, first thing this morning I get two calls in a row from the gynecologists office.  I had missed them so she just kept calling till she got me.  I call her back and she said, “the biopsy report has come back and it is just normal tissue. No issues.”  I said, to be very clear….. “You mean, NO CANCER CELLS FOUND?”  And she said “YES, NO CANCER FOUND.”

And so, today is one of the most exciting and thrilling and almost unbelievable days of my entire life.  Jesus has truly healed me of not only cancer, but of the tumour as well.  And guess what…. I ovulate next week and we are going on a cruise.  God’s timing is so fun.  I am healed just in time to go on a cruise with my husband and enjoy some FUN if you get my drift and make some babies!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts.  Every single word of encouragement I received gave me the boost of faith to keep walking this journey out.  If there is ever anyone you know who needs healing, please CALL ME.  EMAIL ME.  Or FACEBOOK ME.  My faith in healings is so strong that I will pray for anyone who wants it.

I will continue with my story once we get pregnant, but for now, this will be my last blog post for a few weeks at least.  If you have any questions, just message me on facebook or email me at

Lots of love and I hope my story has caused those of you who were already believers to increase your faith and for those who aren’t yet believers, to at least start questioning what you’ve been believing up to this point in your life and have an open mind that maybe, just maybe, Jesus meant it when He said in John 14:6:

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

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