Revelations 12:10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say…

So just after the doctors appointment, I was lying in bed one night, holding my iPad, which has become my go to bible because the bible reading software has a reading plan built in and it keeps track of your daily readings for you. So convenient. This particular night, I was feeling really tired. I told God I was tired and didn’t feel like reading the three chapters for the night which were in Genesis as I had a few weeks back started a Chronological Reading Plan. I’ve actually read Genesis a whole bunch of times because I often get this urge to read through the entire bible and unfortunately don’t have that much follow through so I start all over again a few months later. Genesis is quickly becoming the best known book of the bible to me. Anyone else relate to that?

Anyway…. as I’m lying there, asking God if there is anything in particular I should read, I open my bible reader app and click on the Go To tab which opens up the list of every book of the bible. I get this very strong sense to click on Revelations. And then to click on Chapter 12. So I go to Revelations 12:1 and read to the end of the chapter. My heart starts beating a little bit faster and I almost want to say out loud “Are you joking?” I’ve never read much of Revelations before, and certainly none of chapter 12. I’ve only been a Christian for a few years and Revelations can be a little intense at times even for a seasoned Christian, let alone a fairly new one like me. I did attempt to start it once or twice, but as it didn’t pertain to the season I was in at that time in my life, I never progressed past chapter 1.

I’m not going to include the entire chapter in this blog, but I urge you to go to and put Revelations 12 in the search bar and read it for yourself. What I will say is that I immediately noticed a similarity between what I was reading and what I had been experiencing in my life the last nearly 2 years.

It starts off with a woman pregnant and a 7 headed dragon wanting to devour her child. Having had a rough birthing experience I kind of relate to her story. And at the very end of the chapter it says this:

17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring…

Okay, that’s pretty much what I’ve felt like has happened since Caleb was born. Painful periods, an ectopic pregnancy, another lost pregnancy and now I had been told they believed I had uterine cancer and wanted to take out my entire uterus. Like, seriously, doesn’t that kind of sound like the devil has made war against the rest of my offspring? And again, as I’m reading it, I’m seriously feeling like God is so clearly sending me a message, as this has confirmed what I had already been sensing in my spirit.

As a quick side note, or not so quick if you know me, one of the things I had been questioning God about was that I felt some form of death assignment had been sent against Jason and I by Satan. Jason’s computer had been going to an error screen a ton lately, and in the IT world, that blue screen is called “The Blue Screen of Death”. we even bought him a brand new computer and immediately, it starts with the Blue Screen of Death. Sign one. And then the other sign was our fish tank. Jason, a few months ago, had decided to get all sorts of shrimp in our tank instead of buying a ton more fish and they were pregnant. And dying. Every shrimp in the tank, including all the pregnant ones, died. For no reason. The water quality was fine, so we had no answers. So, reading the end of Rev. 12 confirmed my questions…. Yes, Satan was attacking me for a specific reason.

Well, at this point, I at least felt so grateful that I had heard from God because there is no way it was a coincidence I end up reading a chapter of the bible all about a woman experiencing an attack from the devil not only against her, but against her offspring. I’ll share in my next post exactly what God revealed to me as I read the chapter over and over again that night and the next day.

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